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Singapore Luxury Condo By Jean Nouvel : Nouvel 18

About Nouvel 18 :

Nouvel 18 is a well-designed condominium developed with 156 units. This Nouvel 18 development is a freehold 36-storey with two towers that infuses existence with nature to create a voice that engages the city. 

Nouvel 18 is located at 16/18 Anderson Road. Nouvel 18 is the proper subsequent door to Shangri-la hotel. One of Asia’s preferred luxurious hotels, set in 15 acres of lush greenery.

An exceptional show-stopper of structural creativity interlaced with motivations of nature. At the outset, a dream comes to fruition. Before long, a heavenly idea advances. Enlivened by the verdant environmental factors of the renowned Ardmore and Anderson area. Creation structures into Nouvel 18, striking and enthralling engineering that takes off over the milieu with gardens that fill in the sky. More about Nouvel 18.

About Jean Nouvel :

Jean Nouvel : Nouvel 18

The Nouvel 18 Condo is Designed by the renowned Ateliers Jean Nouvel, the Pritzker Prize-winning architect. Every one of Jean Nouvel’s structures considers its geography, its history, its culture, and its epoch. Therefore, every one of Nouvel’s architecture, knowledgeable by using its context, is original. In a sense, it is Nouvel’s method and no longer a repetitive fashion that is his signature.

As it were, it is Nouvel’s methodology and not a redundant style that is his mark. It is Nouvel’s mental fortitude to push a plan as far as possible, without going over the edge that is his mark. His capacity to walk an almost negligible difference between an amazing motion and a useful plan. His dismissal of one-size-fits-all engineering. His capacity to manage an extraordinarily wide range of circumstances with an elevated level of creativity. These are the strokes to his mark 

His structures are exchanges that draw in the city, each with a one of a kind story to tell. His striking strokes and the fortitude to push a plan as far as possible are impetuses for his momentous and repudiating magnum opuses around the globe. 

Nouvel 18 features the expert’s extreme style. A remarkable design that is set to rethink the Singapore horizon. 

Awards and Honours:

On June 2, 2008, Jean Nouvel got his calling’s most noteworthy honor, the Pritzker Architecture Prize. Since grabbing the public’s attention with his advancement plan of the Arab World Institute in 1981, Nouvel has proceeded to hit good grades with innovative works like the Musee du Quai Branly, the Cartier Foundation for Contemporary Art, and the Louver Abu Dhabi, acquiring his praises, for example, the RIBA Royal Gold Medal and the Aga Khan Prize. Driven by setting, program, and site, Nouvel’s plans resist simple categorization, however, set apart by the puzzling utilization of light and current innovation.

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